Importance of Professional Meth Lab Cleaning

Methamphetamine (meth) is a drug that is growing in popularity among users and dealers. People create and cook meth in an environment using many chemicals and equipment. And, it is turning up all over the state of Michigan in apartments, hotels, houses, RV’s, trailers, and even cars. Meth labs are no respecter of neighborhoods and can turn up anywhere, even where you least expect them. Just in the state of Michigan, 861 meth labs were found last year alone, and approximately 1500 labs since 2013.

If you believe there is a meth lab in your neighborhood, you must contact law enforcement for an investigation. Law enforcement can then contact an appropriate professional cleaning service to complete the meth lab cleaning. If you attempt to clean the property yourself, you are endangering yourself and others. Take a look below at why it is important for only professionals to clean up a meth lab.Professional Meth Lab Cleaning


In a meth lab, there are many containers, equipment, and toxic chemicals for cooking meth. These harmful chemicals can include a variety of ingredients, such as solvents, acids, paint thinners, and ammonia. If you come into contact with any of these chemicals or equipment, you could expose yourself to very harmful side effects. Some side effects include rashes and skin/eye irritations, dizziness, nausea, respiratory issues, and headaches. Not to mention, some of the cooking equipment used poses a threat of possible explosions if not handled properly. In fact, if you clean a meth lab and are in contact with these chemicals, you are at risk for serious health concerns and even death.

Leave the Cleaning to the Professionals

While you may wish to take care of the lab clean up in your neighborhood, it is not as simple as you might think. You can’t simply clean out the equipment or throw it away, as the chemicals can linger if not cleaned properly. Professional contractors have the expert knowledge, skills, and equipment to clean up the lab. Contractors will need to remove more than the equipment, such as the HVAC system, vehicles, etc.

After the removal of items, the entire lab will need to be decontaminated in a way only professionals know how to do. Additionally, parts of a home such as the floors, air ducts, insulation, etc. will need to be decontaminated. And, most people would not think to clean or disinfect these items. After the cleanup and decontamination are complete, the lab will need to be removed or the home restored. This is another task that only a professional contractor is knowledgeable to complete.

If you have knowledge of a meth lab in your area and have contacted law enforcement, it is best to leave the meth lab cleaning up to the professionals. The best contractor in Michigan will have the team and skills to safely clean and remove the meth lab. Most importantly, you can ensure that everyone in the area is safe and sound.